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Who Pays For The Expensive Custom And Other Cricket Equipments, The Cricketer Himself Or The Franchise?

A lot of people have asked who plays for the expensive custom such as helmets, bats, gloves, and other cricket equipment. Is it paid by the cricketer himself or it is paid by the franchise? It is one of the most asked questions and there are several types of theories regarding this question. Come let us learn about the answer to this question in this blog.


Who Pays For The Expensive Custom And Other Cricket Equipments, The Cricketer Or The Franchise?

According to the source, when the match is being played at the grassroots level the player has to pay for all the expensive custom and other cricket equipment that are used by the crickets themselves which also includes the training cost. It is only till they get in the eyes of a sponsor. When the player starts playing for any club till then they have to pay for other equipment except for helmets and jerseys which are officially given to the player through the club they are representing.

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If the player is playing for franchise cricket at the Indian Premier League level and they are famous their bat will be sponsored. They will have to pay the amount to play with their bat having their company stickers. The player will also get a jersey, trousers, and helmet from the franchise through sponsors.

From the helmet to the track pants, every single part of the T20 league cricketers outfit is potential ad space. The franchise team attracts sponsors for their clothing under several clothing and equipment regulations for the entire team. But the bats are sponsored individually.

Every single player has a different sponsor for their bats, Players can play with those sponsored label bats only in the match. The player has to follow all the sponsored regulations.

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