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Is And Wincheat A Scam? Are These Platforms Legal? and Wincheat A Scam: These two platforms are betting platforms where a lot of people play daily. But some claim that these two platforms are a scam. This has been claimed by thousands of people till now. So here we are going to learn whether these two platforms are a scam or not. We are going to look at the dark reality of these platforms. And Wincheat A Scam

Is And Wincheat A Scam?

If we look at the reality behind the question of whether and Wincheat a scams or not, so yes this is true, these two platforms are scams. Till now these platforms have scammed more than thousands of people. A lot of people have gotten trapped and lost their money on these platforms.

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One of the people who has been scammed with these platforms has shared the process of this scam. The process works you contact them on their WhatsApp number and then they will give you a guarantee of ₹1,000 or more earnings if you invest ₹10,000 on their platform. After that when you send ₹10,000 then they take out your earned money and after that, you can not do anything even if their WhatsApp numbers are fake they are neither contactable nor traceable.

Such types of platforms are a big trap, try to understand that there is no shortcut for money making so do not fall for this trap. Such types of scams have ruined the lives of many people till now and they cannot do anything. If you go to the police or CBI to report the fraud that happened to you, still your problem is not going to be resolved because you do not have any proper evidence or because their number is not treatable at all.

Even Indian police spread awareness about such types of scams. They have shared the story of many people who have been scammed through such types of scams. But still, people fall into the trap of such platforms.

No, and Wincheat platforms are not legal. There is only one legal platform for betting which is Dream11. It is a legal application and that is why it is also endorsed by several cricketers.

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