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Why Are Indian Cricket Team Jerseys So Old And Why Are They Not Updated Often?

Here we are going to understand why Indian cricket team jerseys are so old and also going to understand why are they not updated often. As per the reviews of some people, the Indian jersey looks very ridiculous. This is a very harsh comment by the public but this is true. BCCI does not update the jersey and there is a reason behind it. To know what is the reason, read this blog till the end.

Indian Cricket Team Jerseys

Why Are Indian Cricket Team Jerseys So Old?

A lot of people have claimed that the Indian cricket team jersey looks so old and ridiculous. But there’s a reason behind it, the reason is the ODI series till 2000, if you remember the ODI used to follow the same kit template for all the teams. Like the famous 1998 Desert Storm series jersey. Australia too has the same design but the colors were changed. The unique jersey design seems to be a relatively new concept that came into being after the World Cup of 1999. On the other hand, some people have claimed that Indian Cricket team jerseys are not ridiculous at all and said that this is a bizarre comment.

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What Is The Color Of Indian Cricket Team Jerseys?

The Indian cricket jersey has been in blue colors since the 90s. The blue color represents the sky and ocean. But mainly the blue color was selected because it is the color of Ashok Chakra which is present on India’s national flag.

During the partition of Pakistan and India, Pakistan believed that Muslims and Hindus could never live together but India has always stood and proved them wrong. Pakistan is now an Islamic state India is a secular nation and Indian believes in justice and unity that is why India did not choose orange or green color from the Indian flag for the jersey but chose blue color as it represents our Ashok Chakra.

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