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Is There Any Difference Between The Cricket Tennis Ball And The Tennis Ball Used In Tennis?

If you have played cricket with a tennis balls, so have you ever thought that is there any difference between this ball and the tennis ball used in a tennis game? It is a very confusing thing for many people who have played with this ball. So yes, there are significant differences between a cricket tennis ball and the ball used in cricket. To know the differences read this blog till the last.

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Difference Between Cricket Tennis Ball And Tennis Ball Used In Cricket?

There are significant differences between a cricket tennis ball and a tennis ball that is used in tennis:


Cricket tennis balls are used in informal or practice cricket matches. It is mostly used in environments where playing with hard cricket balls is not safe like on the streets. The tennis balls are mainly designed for the sport of tennis and it is used in official tennis matches and tournaments.

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The cricket tennis balls are covered with felt material that is similar to the covering of a regular cricket ball and it is made of rubber. These balls are softer than the regular cricket balls and they give less speed and bounce. On the other hand, the tennis balls made for tennis are made of a core of rubber compound that is purely covered in a fabric casing made of felt. They are pressurized to give them high bounce and they are made to be durable for playing on tennis courts.


The cricket tennis balls are used in informal cricket matches, practice matches, and beginner-level cricket matches. The tennis balls are used in the professional matches of tennis.

The cricket tennis ball and tennis ball made for tennis both look the same but they are different from each other. Their material, purpose, usage, and color are not the same at all.

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