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What Does All The Numbers On A Cricket Scoreboard Mean?

Do you know a lot of people are there who still do not know what all the numbers on a cricket scoreboard mean? Yes, this is true. As per the research, around 40% of people do not know what are the numbers on the scoreboard. So if you are the one who does not know about those numbers, don’t worry we are here to tell you everything about them. So let’s dive deep into this blog.

What Is Cricket Scoreboard?

A cricket scoreboard is a thing that is made to record all the runs scored, all wickets taken, and where appropriate the number of overs bowled. The numbers get counted on the scoreboard. There is a proper system in this board, scroll down and learn more.

What Are The Numbers On Cricket Scoreboard?


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Let us go from left to right in this image to understand the cricket scoreboard, the leftmost panel indicates that 2 wickets have fallen. The white is the batsmen who are currently batting, the c stands for captain. The Hussey is another batsman. White has scored 4 runs and Hussey is on 17, as per the scoreboard. Sundries mean extra runs which are runs that the batting team received that are not scored by any of their batsmen but those runs have come from wides, no balls, byes, and leg byes.

As per the image, England has given Australia 2 extra runs, and Australia’s current score is 112. Now it’s time to move on to the middle panel which indicates bowling statics for the field team, England The numbers to the left of the player’s names are serial numbers, not the jersey numbers of bowlers. then he marker on 2 shoes that Woakes a player is currently bowling. Then the other three columns which are O, W, and R shoes over bowled, wicket taken, and runs conceded.

The cricket scoreboard shows that Bresnan has bowled 2 overs for 12 runs and till now he has not taken even a single wicket. Then Yardy has bowled a total of 3 overs for 23 runs and has taken wickets of 2 batters.

Now it’s time to shift to the next panel which is the scorecard for the batting team, Australia. The yellow B shoes which boiler got the batsman out. Watson and Warner have been dismissed by Yardy. The white B indicates bowled, which means that Rady has officially knocked Watson stumps over to get him out and Watson has scored 59 runs. The white C shoes that Warner was out after getting caught off Yardy bowling by 3, Shahzad and Warner have scored 30 runs.

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Now it is time to shift to the right panel which shows what score each wicket fell. So as per the scoreboard, the first wicket fell for 83, and then the second when the team score was 92. The bottom number on the right shows that this is a 20-over game in which team both teams will bat for 20 overs each.

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