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Why Are Cricket Shirts Called Jerseys?

Have you ever thought, about why cricket shirts are called jerseys? Some people say that it is very strange because normally people call shirts shirts but in cricket or any other sports, people call them jerseys. So we want to tell you that there is a big reason behind it which you should know. So read this blog till the end.


Why Cricket Shirts Are Known As Jerseys?

According to the cricket experts, a jersey is an item of knitted clothing. It is usually a shirt but it is called a jersey. It is knitted in cotton or wool, with sleeves. The jersey does not open up in the front like a cardigan. In starting the cricket shirts used to be known as just shirts but after a lot of time, they go by the name of jerseys.

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Jersey was a place in the Channel Islands, which was famous for knitting in medieval times. Since then most of the sportswear which also includes cricket shirts are knitted and they are called jerseys.

They are usually worn as an inner layer by rural seamen before gradually evolving into a type of common outwear. It is mostly famous for its tight weave and it can retain warmth. Its usage spread to the United Kindom and Northern Europe as traders started mingling it with the local communities in the time of late 17th and early 18th centuries.

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In the time of the 1850s, the popularity of jerseys grew and they became synonymous with sweaters. Its usage spread to countries as far away as the US at the same time. Mostly the term jersey for cricket shirts has been derived from its fabric which is specially used to make these shirts. These shirts were made from a type of knitted fabric that originated from the Channel Island of Jersey.

The name jersey became properly associated with the style of shirt which was worn in cricket and other sports. Jerseys are made from breathable materials that allow players great movement and comfort while playing.

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