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Why Doesn’t BCCI Host Matches At The Raipur Stadium?

In this blog, we are going to learn why does not BCCI host matches at Raipur stadium. It is the question of many people because the Board of Control for Cricket in India never hosts any match at the stadium of Raipur, which is shocking and sad for the people who live in Raipur. So there is a reason behind this. To know the reason, read this blog till the end.

Raipur Stadium

Why Does Not BCCI Host Matches At The Raipur Stadium?

According to the source, BCCI mostly hosts matches in stadiums that are managed by a Cricket association such as CG Cricket Board Association and MP Cricket Association. These associations officially take the stadium on lease from the owner of the stadium which is the state government or center.

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However, the BCCI stadium revenue-sharing business is more favorable if the stadium is in the hands of an association board so that they do not have to ask the state government permission to host matches and they do not need to share revenue with the state government.

Reason Behind BCCI Not Hosting Any Match At The Raipur Stadium?

The stadium of Raipur is under the control of the state government, the Raipur stadium is not under the control of any association. BCCI officially wants it to be in the hands of any association so that they can make a deal.

There are some hopes that in the future state government will lease out this stadium to another board or association. Then we will be able to see the Raipur stadium for Test, IT20, and ODI matches.

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As per the reports, currently, Raipur has hosted all the matches of the Road Safety World Series 2021 which had a total of 6 teams with senior international players.

Some people claim that Raipur City does not have the potential to host any match, so this is not true at all. Raipur is the capital city of the State with more than 2 million urban population including Bhilai. This city has a huge potential of hosting matches.

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