WATCH: Jarvo 69 invades the pitch again dressed as a batsman in the 4th test between India and England

Prankster Jarvo 69 made quite a name for himself when he first invaded into the pitch during the second test match at Lord’s of the ongoing test series between India and England. He was much loved by the fans for providing a comic element amid a match of such high intensity. However, he has now started much of a nuisance by repeating the act again and again and the English stadiums have already started taking strict actions against him. Yet, Jarvo 69 somehow managed to break into the field in the ongoing 4th test match as well and he is now testing the patience of the higher authorities.

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India were off to a brilliant start on Day two of the test series. Umesh Yadav has wrought havoc in the English batting order and has already picked up 3 big wickets including that of english captain Joe Root. He was quick to strike on Day 2 as well as he picked up the wicket of in-form Englishman Dawid Malan as soon as the day’s play started.

It was during Umesh Yadav’s over that Jarvo 69 invaded the pitch. He came dressed as a bowler this time. Donning a team India jersey, he came running inside the pitch with a ball in his hand and he threw the ball at the batsman. On his way, he also collided with the batsman standing at the non-striker’s end and made quite a scene out of it. He was escorted out of the pitch.

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Jarvo 69 invades the pitch again

This is the third time during this series that Jarvo has pulled off the act of invading the pitch and he needs to be stopped now. The Headingley stadium banned him for lifetime after he invaded the pitch dressed as a batsman in the third test. However, after his act in the fourth test, a severe punishment is expected.

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