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Where Does The Commentator Sit During A Cricket Match?

A lot of cricket fans still don’t know, where the commentator sits during a cricket match. A lot of people have asked this question on the browser and that is why we are here with your answer. The commentator is the one who describes and reports every single match. Their work is to give all the reports to the public and have a large discussion about a match. Now to know where he sits, so read this blog till the last.


Who Is a Commentator?

A Commentator is a person who gives a report, insights, and opinion about something on the show or radio during a match of any sport. The commentator gave a wide commentary live which people enjoy a lot.

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Where Does A Commentator Sit During A Cricket Match?

Mostly the commentator sits in a commentary box or in a commentary booth which is located in the stands of the cricket ground. This box or booth is generally positioned at a vantage point that gives an allowance to the commentators to have a clear view of the match on the field. The commentator can watch the match by sitting at the location and can provide live commentary on the game.

They offer insights, analytics, opinions, and observations to the viewers and listeners. The commentator box or booth is equipped with microphones, notions, and some other equipment that enable the commentators to have good communication with the audience or listeners to the broadcast.

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