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Why Do The Leg-Pads Of MS Dhoni Always Look So Rough Or Are Rough?

Leg-Pads Of MS Dhoni: The fans of cricket have noticed something strange with MS Dhoni and have asked a question many times. The question is why do the leg pads of MS Dhoni always look so rough or they are rough? This has been asked by many people. People ask if the leg pads are rough how does Dhoni handle them or why doesn’t he change them? Come let’s learn this in this article.

Are The Leg-Pads Of MS Dhoni Rough?

Leg-Pads Of MS Dhoni

The answer to this question has been found after some research and exploration. It has been that there is a certain difference in the legs-pads women by batsmen. It has also been got to know, why Dhoni wears different pads. It looks strange as all the cricketers wear the same type of pads but he does not wear the same type of pads.

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If we learn about the leg pads, there are a total of two types of pads that are in use. The first one is regular leg pads and the other one is important pads. There is a slight difference between both of the pads. The major difference between both of the teams is the number of straps they contain. The roughness of the pads can be attributed to the maker brand. There might be some more differences than other roughness.

The regular leg pads contain 3 straps whereas, on the other hand, migrant pads contain 2 straps. These pads are 200 grams lighter than the regular ones. The top of the strap sits properly on the calf. These pads help in swift running between the wickets.

A lot of cricketers around this world use regular leg pads, but modern leg pads are used by some cricketers like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Ganguly, and more. Leg-Pads of MS Dhoni might look rough but it is being claimed that they are much better than the regular pads.

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The morrant leg-pads were first popularized by Sachin Tendulkar while Sunil Gavaskar brought this brand to India officially. Dhoni used mordant pads for fast running because of their lightweight. During a series with Sri Lanka in 2017, he switched to regular pads from migrant.

On this, the ex-cricketer Aakash Chopra claimed that it could be that, with migrant leg pads, Dhoni was not properly able to flex his left leg knee freely as migrant pads have only 2 straps wherein the top strap is just right behind the knee. The top strap stops the bend of the knee and the batsman sometimes feels a little bit uncomfortable leaning forward mostly while playing spinners. The regular allows more flexion on the knee and because of that Dhoni started using them.

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