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Why Does The Indian Cricket Team Wear the Same Jersey In Both T20 And 50 Over Whereas Other Teams Don’t?

Indian Cricket Team: On social media, some people claim that the Indian cricket team always wears the same jersey in both T20 and 50 over whereas other teams do not wear the same jersey. This is one of the most trending topics of current time regarding cricket. This topic has shocked many people and now people are looking for the reality. To know the reality, read this entire blog till the end and do not miss any line.

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Why Indian Cricket Team Wear Same Jersey In Both T20 And 50 Over?

It is being claimed that the Indian cricket team wears the same jersey in both T20 and 50 over. But the fact is that this is false. The Indian team never wears the same jersey in T20 and 50 over. There is a big difference between the jerseys of both tournaments.

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It is being claimed that other countries’ teams do not wear the same clothes in both tournaments, so similarly, Indian teams also do not wear the same clothes. This is a false rumor which does not have any evidence. If you check the Star Logo on the bottom part of the shirt on the back in the T20 jersey which is not present in the ODI jersey.

The Indian cricket team jersey is blue. This blue color represents the “Ashok Chakra” which is present in the middle of India’s National Flag. The team can’t wear the same jersey in both tournaments. The team has all the facilities for clothing. They wear different jerseys in every single tournament.

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The Jersey of the Indian ticket team looks the same because of the color and design but the big differences are in the logos. The logos of sponsorship are changed in every tournament. The Indian cricket team jersey is an emotion for players and also for the fans. This jersey and its number represent the cricketer. 7 number jersey means MS Dhoni and 10 number jersey is of Sachin Tendulkar. They both are mostly identified through their jersey number.

The jersey of the Indian cricket team was made in blue color for the first time in the 1990s. Since then the team has been wearing blue color jerseys. The blue color represents the sky and ocean and it is also associated with Ashok Chakra.

In India, cricket is treated like a religion. Fans ensure to remain updated on everything about the game and also about the players. Some time back a fan noticed the three stars of the Indian jersey. The current jersey is made of dark blue color. The three stars which are made on the jerseys symbolize the victories of India in three World Cups till now.

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