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Why Is The Indian Cricket Jersey Blue In Colour? What Is The History Behind This Colour?

Indian Cricket Jersey: A lot of people have a question in their mind which is why the Indian cricket jersey is blue. This question has been searched by millions of people on browsers. This question has a history with our Indian flag. There is something very exciting which you should know. This will give you the answer as to why the color of the Indian cricket team jersey is blue. So check out this blog now.

Why Is The Indian Cricket Jersey Blue In Colour?

Indian Cricket Jersey

The Indian Cricket Team Jersey is blue. This color is not just color for some people, it is an emotion. This color is not just implemented for the Indian cricket team but it is fixed for all the Indian sports teams. There is a big history behind this color and there is a big reason why the association chooses this color as the color of the Indian jersey. The Indian cricket team jersey is connected with the emotions of players and fans.

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The Indian cricket team wears blue jerseys in limited-overs formats such as One Day Internations and Twenty20 International. There is a big history of why the Indian team wears this color of the jersey. To know scroll down.

What Is The History Behind Blue Colour Indian Jersey?

The color blue was officially introduced to the Indian cricket team jersey in the mid-1990s. It happens when the association sits together and decides to choose the color for the Indian cricket jersey. There were four colours in the option which are saffron, green, white, and blue. These colors were in the option because all these colors represent India’s national flag. The blue color is present in the Ashok Chakra which is in the middle of the national flag.

So the first color was saffron, which represents bravery, the second color was white which represents peace and truthfulness, the third color was green which represents faith, and prosperity, and the last color was blue which represents the sky and the ocean. During the decision to choose color association thought that the saffron color is connected with Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and some political parties. Where on the other hand green colour is associated with Islam. Because of this rea, the sons association didn’t choose these colors because these colors might raise any agenda or might hurt someone’s sentiments. Choosing any color between these two colors might ruin the reputation of India as a secular country.

As we all know blue is a very sensible country and it does not represent any religion or political party. It just represents our Ashok Chakra. That is why the blue color is associated with the Indian cricket jersey.

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