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Fact Check: Does Continous Bet Winning Get You Banned/ Limited From Bet365?

Bet365: It is one of the most famous online betting applications. It is a legal application for online betting. Now there is the question in the mind of some people who do bet on this application. People doubt that if they continue to bet winning gets banned/ limited from Bet365. To know the answer to this question, check out this blog till the last without missing anything.


Does Continous Bet Winning Get Your Banned/Limited From Bet365?

The answer to this question has been received after some research and reviews of some players. So it has been got to know that yes this is true. It happens but it only happens if you show patterns that are consistent with being sharp. Anyone can be lucky and win some bets in a continuing row or can win a big account.

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Those accounts are highly unlikely to ever get restricted or banned as the bookie knows they almost certainly get that money back and they can get more money. The people who have been banned are generally the ones who consistently beat the closing lines although they won’t win every single bet they will be winning players in the long run.

As per the reviews, some people have claimed that they have never been banned but their Bet365 account is useless now. It is because the line they used to get is worse than Pinnacle and these are the major markets. It has also been said that Bet365 limits your cashout to around 75,000 per month.

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Some more public has claimed that it is not the winning that gets you banned but it is betting in a way that they cannot hedge. Chasing the stream will get you just limited quickly. But on the other hand, if there is an absolute genius you can win big by beating 1 hour before just kick-off on the major markets which will likely limit you.

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