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Why Is The Box Cricket League Popular In Mumbai?

Box Cricket League is one of the most popular tournaments in Mumbai. It is an Indian sports television show. A lot of people love to watch this tournament as in this tournament normal cricket does not play any match. The matches in this tournament are played by celebrities. But do you know why box cricket is popular in Mumbai? To know check out this entire blog without missing any line.

Box Cricket League

What is The Box Cricket League?

The Box Cricket League (BCL) is a famous Indian sports television program. In this tournament, famous Indian celebrities like actors, singers, influencers, bloggers, etc come and play. They are seen competing against each other in an indoor cricket game format. This tournament is inspired by the popularity of the Celebrity Cricket League which is a T10 tournament with franchises in major Indian cities.

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The series of the tournament is unique because of the collaboration of sport, celebrities, and entertainment which is conceptualized by Marinating Films. In this tournament, 8 teams participated and they competed against each other. Till now four seasons of this tournament have been done. The fourth season of this tournament was played in 2019.

There are several reasons why the Box Cricket League is popular in Mumbai. First, it is popular because it is played by celebrities from several different places. Secondly, it is popular in Mumbai because of its informal nature. This tournament is played in an informal setting with rules that can be easily adapted which are based on the preferences of the players. It is also popular because of community building. Playing such types of tournaments allows people to come together and socialize.

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