Top 7 best comfortable basketball shoes in 2022

When it comes to Basketball, the only gear you required to play the game is good quality shoes. Good quality basketball shoes can improve your game a lot. But, how can you find the best comfortable basketball shoes in 2022? A good quality basketball shoe is known for its materials and most importantly, cushion. However, the comfort can still depend on what type of shoe suits you most, a great on-court performer or just a cool casual shoe. Here we have shared a list of the 7 best comfortable basketball shoes in 2022 that suit you most.

Top 7 Best Comfortable Basketball Shoes in 2022:

Nike LeBron 19:

nike lebron 19 white background

The Nike LeBron 19 is one of the latest editions from Nike’s LeBron series. These are the most cushioned shoes available right now in the market. This suits most the players with a height of 6’5 to 6’9. Nike LeBron 19 costs 200$ and might be more for some special editions.

Nike KD 14:

nike kd 14

The Nike KD 14 is one of the latest editions from Nike’s KD series. The cushion in the shoe gives a spring-like feel and helps in high jumps. This is one of its kind in a price range of 150$. If you are looking for the best quality in a minimum price range then this is for you.

Nike Air Max Impact 3:

Nike Air Max Impact 3

The Nike Air Max Impact 3 is a budget model. The upper of the shoe is very soft and breathable and it provides signature line comfort. The price of the show is only 90$ and this makes it one of the best budget segment basketball shoes.

Air Jordan 36:

jordan 36

The Air Jordan 36 is one of the best basketball shoes Jordan Brand has ever launched. There is a full-length Zoom Air Strobel unit that you can feel right away. Although the midsole is basic Phylon. The shoe costs 185$ and is one of the best at this price.

Under Armour Curry 9:

curry 9

The Curry 9 is one of its kind unique shoes. Although, it still looks similar to the others making it comfortable as well with looks. Under Armour has improved its cushion technology in this model. This comes without an outsole, which makes it one of the most comfortable. The shoe costs 160$ in the USA.

Nike LeBron 18:

Nike LeBron 18

Nike LeBron 19 is already one the top of our list but Nike LeBron 18 is also one of the best comfortable shoes till now. The shoe provides both a good quality cushion and comfort and costs 200$.

Nike GT Jump:

nike gt jump

The Nike GT Jump features the bounciest cushion of all time and is specially designed for this. The upper has a synthetic fabric that is breathable and lightweight as well. The shoes are more suitable for the taller players that require more cushion. The price of these shoes is the highest on this list. The Nike GT Jump costs 279$.

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