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Cricket Fact Check: Do Both Bails Have To Come Off In Cricket?

There are some rules in cricket which are written the law of cricket book. All the cricket players are aware of all these rules but some fans of cricket are not aware of every single rule. That is why some people ask if both of the bails have to come off in Cricket. Is it important or just a single bail can come off in the game? To clear your doubts, here we are with this blog. To know the answer, read this entire blog now.


What Is Bail In Cricket?

Bail is one of the most important equipment in cricket. It is one of the two smaller sticks which are placed on the top of the three stumps to form a wicket. Bails are used to determine when the wicket is broken or not, When it turns is one of the major factors in checking whether the batsman is out bowled, run out, stumped, or hit wicket.

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Bails Rule In Cricket: Is It Important For Both Bails To Come Off?

No, both bails don’t have to come off in cricket. Both of the bails do not have to come off in the game, if just the one bail comes out then it is clear out. A lot of people have experienced a similar type of experience when they were playing a cricket tournament. One of the sources revealed that they have also experienced the same thing during a match. When the source was bowing the right wicket went down and the umpire signaled an out.

In the laws of cricket, it is mentioned, that if one bail comes out it is out. One is properly sufficient. In the situation where the bails will not stay on because of the wind heavy bails may be used. But in case they will not stay on or they are not available the game can carry on without bail. Then all the decisions for bowled, stumped, or run out will be made by umpires.

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In cricket, two wooden bails are placed on the top of the stumps. When a bail comes out of the stumps, it clearly shows that the batsman is out. For a batsman to be given out, one bail is enough to come out of the stumps. It is not compulsory or important for both bails to come off.

As per the rules, if one bail is come off from the stumps by the bowler or the wicketkeeper then the batsman is out. But if the bails are not removed before the batter attempts to shoot, then it is going to be declared as a dead delivery. The wicket is broken when at least one bail is removed from the top of the stumps or if one or more stumps are removed from the ground.

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