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Why Does MS Dhoni Always Wear Dull-Colored Test Match Pads?

MS Dhoni: If you are a true fan of cricket or MS Dhoni, so you have noticed that MD Dhoni has been seen many times wearing dull-colored test match pads. Some people say that because of these dull pads, he looks odd sometimes but he is “Thala” who always gives a brave performance whether he wears dull-colored leg pads or he wears new pads. But it is important to know the reason behind these old-looking dull pads. So let us now dive deep into this blog and learn everything.

MS Dhoni

What Is The Mystery Behind MS Dhoni Dull Colored Test Match Pads?

The choice of MS Dhoni for opting a dull colored test match pads is just a matter of personal choice. A lot of cricket players believe that bright-colored equipment can be distracting so that is why they choose more subdued colors. The preference of a person for pad colors might also be influenced by practical considerations like visibility and maintenance. It comes down to individual player choice and comfort.

Mostly, MS Dhoni has been seen in different pads from others. He does not wear a regular leg-pad. He has been seen wearing Morrant pads which have been used by a lot of players like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Virender Sehwag, Sunil Gavaskar, and more. These pads are mostly available in dull colors and have a rough texture as compared to regular leg pads.

The regular pad has 3 straps on it, whereas the morrant pads have 2 straps on it. There is a big difference between the comfort of both pads. The morrant pads are best for the batsman because they can run faster as compared to 3 st3-straps. Morrant pads are 200 gms lighter than regular pads.

At the time of a match against Sri Lanka in 2017, MD Dhoni used the morrant pads for the last time. It is because these pads did not provide him proper flexibility of his front knee of the left foot as the above strap was right under the knee. The leg-pads color is dull and it is might because of their manufacturing style or he might be using these pads for a long period,

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