David Wiese exposes a Pakistani fan who pretended to be him: Makes big statement about Pakistan vs New Zealand controversy

David Wiese fake account: The international cricket scenario has been immensely heated ever since yesterday when New Zealand Cricket called off their tour to Pakistan (which included a T20 and an ODI series) due to potential threats to their security. A political tension has started between the two nations as well as the decision will have a severe impact on Pakistan’s image as a nation and might very well end their hopes of hosting an International cricket match ever again. There has been all sorts of drama regarding this and the latest one involved South African pacer David Wiese.

Various famous cricketers from all over the world have opened up on their opinions about the series between New Zealand and Pakistan being called off in this improper fashion. Most of them are players who have either played in Pakistan in recent vicinity or play in a Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchise. West Indies cricketer Darren Sammy is perhaps the biggest name that opened up on the issue. “Disappointed waking up to the news of the cancellation of the Pakistan Vs New Zealand series because of security issues.Over the last 6 years playing and visiting Pakistan has been one of the most enjoyable experiences. I’ve always felt safe. this is a massive blow to Pakistan,” he wrote on his twitter account.

“The @TheRealPCB and the government have worked so hard to get cricket back to Pakistan. Again I will say Pakistan is one of the safest places I’ve played cricket. The fans are amazing. I feel at home when I’m there. So disappointed right now.” said he in another tweet.

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The Pakistan fans have started using these statements by famous cricketers in their favour to say ill about New Zealand and their cricket board and they have demanded ICC that some strict actions be taken against them.

Perhaps this is the reason that some Pakistani fans went to the extent of making a fake profile of South African player David Wiese and wrote an entire tweet pretending to be him.

“I have visited many countries but found Pakistan most beautiful and peaceful country. No doubt Pakistani Army and Air force is the best force in the world . I request New Zealand to review its decision. Stay Strong Pakistan, Best Wishes from South Africa,” the fake account wrote.

David Wiese’s response

However, the South African pacer was quick to react. Luckily the fake tweet that was going crazily viral, was noticed by him and he quickly retweeted it to clarify that it was a fake account. He wrote, “I have always enjoyed myself in Pakistan, the people are very welcoming and the security has never been an issue!! This tweet is however from a fake account!!”

Indeed a savage way of replying by giving the fake account admin a taste of him own medicine.

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