Top 3 Famous Game In UK Sports

Top 3 Famous Game in UK Sports is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports here in the UK. As it is a team game, the same players need to perform and form their best teams to win the game.

Three games are played regularly that are known as The Three Guaranteed Matches. These are The Yorkshire Shield, The England v Yorkshire Shield and The County Cup.

Famous Game In UK Sports

1. Football

Football is the most viewed and followed game across the world. It is a game played by millions of people worldwide, played for centuries now, and showing no sign of dying out in popularity.

It has grown over the years, and today more people are playing this game than any other sport in the world, with young kids spending hours in front of their television set or computer.

2. Cricket

The cricket world cup is a tournament that is organized annually, and cricket lovers all over the world are incredibly excited about it. This tournament is the only event that can provide all fans with a chance to be in the presence of their favorite cricketing legends, and this makes the tournament a one time experience.

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In that case, you can always wait for your heart out as many online websites are providing cricket ticket booking facilities.

3. Rugby

Rugby is one of the oldest sports globally, with origins going back to Ireland in the eighteenth century. It is the only contact sport played by men in three nations, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand.

With all its variations, it is not surprising that there are many different names for the game – including the jargon used to describe it! Here are the top three in UK sports as voted by our readers – the official rankings are out, so look at the results and see who comes in at number one…


A Pool Game was initially intended for a children’s party but later became very popular among adults as a game. The game is played by filling the bottom of a swimming pool with sand and tossing a beach ball on top of it.

The first games were organized by the British army during World War II to entertain its troops. Americans and the Canadian military later adopted the game.

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