“I don’t feel IPL is possible” Mohd Shami predicts the future of Mega League


The Covid-19 has affected cricketing World in the most adverse ways possible. Most of the International series got canceled this year whereas the domestic cricket tournaments were also called off. However, the biggest setback to the cricketing World came in the form of IPL. The mega event was scheduled to start on 29th March. However, due to the outbreak of the pandemic the tournament first got pushed back to 14th April and was later postponed indefinitely. Mohd Shami the star Indian bowler who was supposed to represent Kings XI Punjab in the ongoing season recently shed light on the future of the tournament.

“We have to Wait and See-” Mohd Shami:

Mohd Shami who endured decent success since the last IPL recently talked about the future of the tournament. Shami recently appeared on an online show ‘Sports Tak’ and talked about the possibilities around the tournament.  

Talking about the future of the tournament he said “I was speaking to Irfan Bhai as well on the possibilities of Indian Premier League. I don’t think there is time for IPL this year. Our T20I World Cup may also get pushed. Everything has come to a stop. We have to reschedule everything. We have to see where to place everything accordingly. Hence, I don’t feel the IPL will be possible,”

Shami said that even after the lockdown is lifted the players would need atleast one month to get back into the rhythm. He also added that if the tournament is organized then it would be ideal as the players will get some practice ahead of the World Cup scheduled later this year.

He said “We have to wait and see how long our lockdown lasts. If our lockdown gets over early, then we may see IPL happen this year – even though later in the year. It will be great if IPL happens before the T20 World Cup, as the players can get used to the format, and also get back to their rhythm,”

Shami will lead the bowling attack of Kings XI Punjab. He is the undisputed leader for the side’s bowling after the departure of Ravi Ashwin.

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