“It’s very important to have the right person as the head of ICC -” South African captain backs Saurav Ganguly to lead ICC

The former South African captain Graeme Smith has backed Indian captain Saurav Ganguly for becoming the next President of ICC. The former South African opener who has recently presided over as the head of South African cricket has praised the legendary Indian captain. Smith showered the BCCI president with all the praise as he said Cricket needs a strong and influential person to lead it in the post-pandemic period. He also praised Saurav Ganguly for his strong personality and his headstrong attitude. 

Saurav Ganguly might replace Shashank Manohar: Graeme Smith

Shashank Manohar the current supremo of ICC revealed last year that he will not recontest the elections after his tenure expires in May 2020. The decision of Shashank Manohar would definitely see a new ICC president taking over to lead the sport into a new direction after Covid-19. Graeme Smith who was on the opposite side off Ganguly on several occasions has backed his counterpart for the elections.

Smith said that his leadership skills coupled with his closeness to the game of cricket in its modern form would make him an ideal contestant. He said

“It is very important to have the right person as head of the ICC,”

“Post-COVID, cricket will need strong leadership and it is time for someone close to the modern game with leadership credentials to get into the position,”

Interim Chief of CSA Jaques Faul has also backed the name of Ganguly for the role of ICC president. However, he also added that this is not the official stance of the South African cricket board yet.

Graeme Smith also hinted at a possible three-match series between India and South Africa later in August.

What do you think? Is Saurav Ganguly the right candidate to lead cricket to a new glorious future.

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