Mbappe, Rabiot and Pogba family Fights: What actually Happened?

France are out of the EURO 2020 after Kylian Mbappe missed the fifth penalty which led Switzerland to win the match 5-4(on penalties). France were leading the game (3-1) but the match went on to extra time after Switzerland’s consecutive strikes in the 81st & 90th minute of the game. The match was played for another 30 minutes but no results emerged.

Mbappe assisted Karim Benzema for his first goal of the night but he failed to find the net again. In Spite of scoring 42 goals for PSG last season Mbappe failed to score in the EUROS. When Mbappe came to take the fifth penalty it never looked like he is going to score one. He did not look confident from the spot.

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Argument between Mbappe and Giroud

Paul Pogba and Olivier Giroud got into an argument ahead of France’s match against Bulgaria

During the warm-ups Mbappe and Giroud had a heated argument in France’s pre-season match against Bulgaria.

“It’s not what he said,” Mbappe said.

“Frankly, what he said doesn’t bother me. I’m a striker and it’s an opinion. He is expressing an opinion when he speaks. It doesn’t bother me.”

“I’m a striker and I’ve had this feeling 365 times in a game and I will have it again, when you feel you’re not getting the service [of the ball]. It’s more about making it public.”

“Mbappe and Giroud they had maybe a short discussion but that’s normal – it’s nothing unusual,” the Tottenham keeper said.

The manager of France- Didier Deschamps rose to his feet and told the players that he would be the public face of this failure, that he would take the blame for everybody and that he wanted to thank them for all they had done.

After France’s exit in the Euro 2020, Zinedine Zidane has been linked to France managerial spot after Deschamps squad failed to secure a spot in the quarter finals of the tournament. But that would not have come as a surprise to Deschamps players because he had already told them, over lunch at the Athenee Palace Hilton in Bucharest, that he had no intention of walking away.

According to reports from France, Paul Pogba and Adrien Rabiot were involved in a bust-up in the dressing after the match, with the pair exchanging verbal insults. Rabiot was thought to be less pleased with Pogba’s defensive contributions, even though it was a commonly-held view that the United star was their best player of the tournament.

Defenders Raphael Varane and Benjamin Pavard also reportedly got involved in an argument, with Varane insulting Pavard about his defending. Pavard placed the blame on Pogba for his lack of defending, with Varane later agreeing with Pavard’s statement.

“He had to be calmed down a bit,” the coach said of the Manchester United midfielder,

“It really hurts, there’s a lot of sadness and, well, there were many things that we did really well in this match, but not everything and if we think too much about this match it won’t help too much.”

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How the fight started

Rabiot’s mother could be seen clashing with Mbappe’s family after the match

According to RMC SPORT, Rabiot’s mother Veronique allegedly clashed with the families of Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe in the stands. Clips emerged on social media apparently showing Veronique Rabiot gesticulating towards the families of other France players after France shock exit from Euro 2020 at the hands of Switzerland.

“Rabiot’s mother is known to be very sensitive and very close to her son and she didn’t appreciate what Pogba’s friends were saying about one of Adrien’s touches,” says one well-placed source with inside knowledge of the French camp. “So, she blamed Pogba for the loss of the ball in midfield leading to Switzerland’s third goal. Then she went to Mbappe’s father, ‘You better take care of your son because he has a big head and too much protection from the press and I think he’s arrogant’. So, it’s a mess and she is well known for that at Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus.”

The on-field camera’s caught Adrien Rabiot’s mother, Veronique, exchanging words with Kylian Mbappe’s father, Wilfried, about the penalty that had sealed France’s exit. She was doing most of the talking and it did not look too friendly.

Reports in France say she accused Mbappe of arrogance and said, that his failure from 12 yards should bring him down a peg or two.

“It is embarrassing how he struck that, for a player of his level. He hit it too lightly. I hope you are going to scold him.”

Rabiot’s mother Veronica said to Mbappe’s father Wilfried.

The players did not feel settled at their Marriott hotel in Budapest. They did not have enough opportunities to relax together. Some of the players were unhappy about their city-centre location and wanted more luxurious facilities. There were complaints that the bedroom windows did not fully open.

The players were initially meant to move to Gardony, 40 miles south, after their group game against Hungary and take up residence in a hotel on the shores of Lake Velence. Instead, they remained in Budapest to play their final group game against Portugal.

According to L’Equipe, Pogba had made it clear to Deschamps that the players “hated” the accommodation and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

According to L’Equipe, the constant movement from one hotel to another caused them to become unsettled, in addition to not being able to see their families due to Covid-19 restrictions. It is also reported that Pogba had requested to stay 50km away at a facility in Gardony at a facility, which included a lake in its surroundings. But the squad stayed at the Marriott, which would have no doubt caused some friction.

The French team had to travel Munich, Bucharest, Budapest but teams like England, Spain, Italy had the group stage matches held in their home.

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