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West Ham United Will Pay £60M To Sign These 2 Manchester United Players

West Ham United faces a £60 million outlay to secure a double deal for Harry Maguire and Scott McTominay from Manchester United, as reported by Football Insider. This steep fee, while daunting, could facilitate the Red Devils’ own summer transfer activity before the close of the window. Uniquely among Premier League clubs, West Ham has not yet added to its squad this summer.

With the hefty sum from the sale of their star midfielder, Declan Rice, the Hammers have been pursuing a string of targets. Unfortunately, these efforts have, thus far, resulted in frustration. However, the club has taken positive steps towards signing Ajax’s Mexican midfielder, Edson Alvarez, after making a significant bid.

Alvarez, at 25, is a promising talent. But, the absence left by Rice’s departure is enormous. West Ham’s manager, David Moyes, knows that one player alone cannot fill this void. He requires a well-known, established player to partner with Alvarez in the midfield.

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This is where the Manchester United duo of Maguire and McTominay come in. As Premier League veterans, they both bring a wealth of experience and proven talent to the table. Maguire, known for his defensive solidity, can bolster West Ham’s backline. Meanwhile, McTominay, with his exceptional work rate and versatility, can offer the Hammers much-needed depth in midfield.

But, such an ambitious double deal does not come without its hurdles. Foremost among them is the substantial £60 million price tag. West Ham must decide if the potential benefits of bringing in Maguire and McTominay outweigh the hefty financial implications.

West Ham United face a £60 million outlay to secure a double deal for Harry Maguire and Scott McTominay from Manchester United

On one hand, securing these two players could bring immediate improvements to the team. It would not only strengthen their squad but also boost their chances of competing at the higher end of the table. On the other hand, this investment could restrict the Hammers’ ability to address other areas of need within the squad.

Moreover, the pressure will be on Moyes to successfully integrate these two players into his existing setup. Their arrival could disrupt the balance of the team, and they may require time to adapt to Moyes’ style of play.

West Ham United’s pursuit of Harry Maguire and Scott McTominay is a high-stakes game. The club has a significant decision to make, balancing potential on-field success against financial risk. With the transfer window closing soon, they must act swiftly. The question remains: will they part with the substantial £60 million to bring the Manchester United duo to the London Stadium, or will they explore other options? Only the passage of time will unveil the answer.

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