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What Is The White Tape On A Cricket Bat Used For?

A lot of people ask, why cricketers apply white tape on a cricket bat. What is the use of it? Is it for a design that has a purpose? So the answer is that there is a purpose behind it. It is used for something special. To know what the aim of it is, read this blog till the last.

Cricket Bat
Cricket Bat

What Is The Use Of White Tape On Cricket Bat?

Most of the cricketers use white tape on the cricket bat. This white tape is a fiber tap that is applied to the bat to provide more strength. This does not mean that the ball is going to travel a long distance but applying tape on the bat increases the lifeline of the bat as it protects it from scratches and cracks.

It is used to keep the wood in place. Cricketers should tape on the edges of the beginning of the food the bat after the cracks appear.

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Best Way To Apply White Tape On A Cricket Bat

There are four simple ways through following that you can easily apply white tape on the bat:

Step 1: Knock in the bat well.

Step 2: Apply fiver tape on the edges of the bat.

Step 3: now you can easily use your bat in the matches and nets also.

Step 4: After using the bat for some time, there are going to be some cracks in the face of the bat. At that point, you have to apply the fiber tape on the cracked spot on the full playing face of the bat.

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