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What Should I Choose For Power Hitting- The BAS Vampire or SS Ton?

Power-hitting is very important in cricket. And to do it you need the best bat which gives you a proper shot. Two bat brands come out as great and promise to hit the best power shot. Those two brands are BAS Vampire and SS Ton. A lot of people are now confused and asking which bat they should choose for power-hitting. Which is the best bat between these two? To know check out this blog and choose your bat wisely.

BAS Vampire or SS Ton

BAS Vampire or SS Ton

BAS Vampire: The BAS Vampire brand promises that they have the best handcrafted cricket bats and their bats hit the best power shot. Alongside that, they have the best equipment with the band name BAS Vampire under the supervision of the choice of National and International Cricketers. The company claims that its bats beat all the sports producers’ world’s best-handcrafted bats.

SS Ton: It is a brand of the world-renowned Sareen Sports Industries. Sareed started exporting cricket bats to the United Kingdom in 1979 and became the bats of choice for a lot of international cricketers. Now they sell a broad range of quality cricket bats at great prices. The bats of SS Ton are used and endorsed by famous cricketers like Suryakumar Yadav, Ravi Jadeja, Rassie van der Dussen, Quinton de Kock, Moeen Ali, Dawid Malan, and Jonny Bairstow. There are several types of bats, the starting price of cricket bats is ₹15,100 and the highest price bat is ₹58,300.

Which Are The Best Bats Between BAS Vampire or SS Ton For Power Hitting?

As per the reviews and experts, BAS Vampire cricket bats are the best option for power-hitting. It is because its joints light get with incredible force and it creates the most extreme contract with its spotless hitting area with straight equitably spaced grains.

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Tips To Become Better At Power Hitting In Cricket

The Back-Lift:

According to the experts, the height of the backlift is proportional to the impact of the bat on the ball. This is the main secret behind the power power-hitting of players such as Yuvraj Singh, he does it very effortlessly. It is very important to get the bat to come down at the correct time and make a power hit.

Use Feet:

Using your feet is one of the best techniques. It is one of the most recommended tips to adjust the back-lifts. The object of using the feet is to through the weight of the body being the shot at the point of impact. It is one of the very common steps that should be taken out of the crease against the spinners.

Free The Arms:

You should free your arms. You have to do it to be properly able to swing your arms freely so that you have enough space. The bowlers are going to try to eliminate this space by pitching the ball straight and the batsman will respond by clearing the front leg to make room.


Timing is one of the most important things to hit a great power shot. Players who have good timing skills do not need high back-lifts to send the ball across the stadium. To meet with the timings you have to meet the ball at the correct point of the downswing and then transfer the entire weight from one foot to another at the point of impact.


When you face a fast bowler so at that time you can use the pace of the ball to hit a powerful shot. But during the time of hitting the fast bowler is almost like playing against spinners for many players. At that time you need to make some pace of your own. You have to analyze and achieve the momentum.

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