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Watch: Virat can ‘get out’ if I sledge him: Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram is arguably the greatest swing bowler to play the modern form of cricket. The pair of Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis was enough to induce fear in the minds of the opposition. Wasim Akram, the senior of the two has given fuel to the never-ending Virat vs Sachin rivalry.

The left-hander has quoted that he feels Sachin is tougher than Kohli when it comes to mental rivalry. He said that the anger in the current captain can be ignited easily which might play against Kohli.

Wasim Akram believes Sachin is tougher than Virat Kohli:

The rivalry between Wasim Akram and Sachin Tendulkar is well known. Akram faced the Indian legend various times and they always managed to have a fiercely fought contest. Akram recently suggested that if he bowls to Kohli, the chances of getting Kohli out would be more than ‘little master.’

Wasim Akram who appeared on the youtube show of Akash Chopra stated “He (Virat) is a modern great. Compared to Sachin, two different players altogether. He’s very aggressive, as a person, as a batsman – positive aggression. Sachin was calm and yet aggressive; different body language. So as a bowler you read that as well,”

Akram further added “Sachin knew that if I would try and sledge him, he would get even more determined. This is my take and I might be wrong. If I am to sledge Kohli will lose his temper. So, when a batsman gets angry, perhaps he will attack you and that is when you have the maximum chances of getting him out.”

Akram also expressed his opinions on the chances of Kohli breaking Tendulkar’s record. Akram suggested that Kohli will soon break the highest number of One Day centuries held by Tendulkar. Akram said that Kohli will soon become the first batsmen to score 50 centuries in One Day Internationals. However, Akram feels that Kohli will not be able to break all of Little Master’s records.

He also praised Virat Kohli and suggested that Kohli is a great leader. Akram said “As far as his technique is concerned, no doubt Virat Kohli is a nightmare for bowlers nowadays. He is supremely fit; he looks good. He enjoys his fielding and he does whatever a leader is supposed to do. You can just see and figure it out.”

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