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Feroc Badminton Shoe Under ₹1,000: Are They Good Or Bad?

Feroc is one of the most popular brands in the world of badminton. The shoes of these brands are known as one of the best-branded shoes. But it also depended on the range. Much higher quality shoes are commonly great and best but what about the Feroc Badminton shoe under ₹1,000? Are they good or bad for playing badminton or they are just made for casual days? Come let us know this in this blog.

Feroc Badminton Shoe Under ₹1,000

There are two Feroc Badminton shoes under ₹1,000:

Feroc Zega White Black Badminton Shoes:

Feroc Badminton Shoe

The first shoe is Feroc xega white black badminton shoes. These shoes are made of rubber soles for better grip and asymmetrical fit for extra support to the feet and fast footwork. It has PY synthetic leather in the outer material and a heel collar for high comfort. They are one of the best shoes with some great quality features. It is also available in some more mixed-color combo.

  • Price: ₹949

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Feroc NOVA Green Badminton Shoes:

Feroc Badminton Shoe

The Feroc NOVA Green Badminton shoes are made by the Feroc brand for people who have an immense craze for badminton games. These shoes have used dynamic fit technology which makes great stability. These shoes have great grip, traction, and also exquisite durability.

  • Price: ₹999

Are The Feroc Badminton Shoe Under 1,000 Good or Bad

If you are a beginner in badminton the Feroc Badminton shoes under ₹1,000 are great for you. You can choose any show between Feroc NOVA Green Badminton shoes or Feroc Zega White Black Badminton shoes. These shoes are great for you if you are a beginner but if you are a professional badminton player these shoes are not good for you at all. because the professional player faces ankle stress a lot. So the shoes which cost you around ₹2,500 are good and they are the perfect fit for you and they also have great grip.

As per the badminton experts, the golden rule is that if your feet the shuttle then the rest of the game will come naturally. A highly durable, light, and stable pair of shoes are important. You can also look at some other brands like Nivia badminton shoes, Li-Ning, Victor, Jones, etc.

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