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How Can You Become A Cricket Commentator In Star Sports?

If you have watched cricket you may perfectly know that the cricket commentator in Star Sports are mostly former cricket players or any VJ or celebrity. Till now we haven’t seen much outside person who has done commentary. A lot of former cricket players are now becoming a commentator and they are earning very well by doing this job after their retirement. Some people as that how can they become a commentator with this channel. To know read this blog.

Cricket Commentator In Star Sports

Cricket Commentator In Star Sports

There is very little chance of outsider people becoming a cricket commentator on Star Sports. It is because star sports mostly choose former cricket players to be commentators. The position you want to apply for has very little chance because all these opportunities go to a former player or any celebrity. It is because they have a wide knowledge of sports. Star Sports has ample money to hire all the big names so if you want to make your career in this field you have to start from small.

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You have to take some small steps and start communicating on small channels or any local tournaments. On the other hand, you can work with the new technology which is YouTube. You can open a YouTube channel where you can communicate and gain the interest of the public. If you receive good fame so surely Star Sports is gonna look at you and they might approach you.

For all these things you need to have good skills in all the departments, you have to learn everything about cricket, camera work, editing, audio, interviewing, carrying stuff, producing, graphics, and packaging. The most famous Indian cricket commentator in Star Sports is Harsha Bhogale. He also started his journey by taking small steps. He does not belong to any sports background nor he is a former cricket player. You should also start the tourney by taking small steps.

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