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How To Identify A Fake BAS Cricket Bat?

On social media, a lot of people have shared their experiences with fake BAS cricket bats. Yes, a lot of people have puyrcahsedan fake bat. They got to know about its fakeness after a long time. So we are here to help you out now. If you have purchased a fake bat so there is no solution but before buying the bat you should always check the bat. Check whether it is original or fake. To know how to identify the originality of bats, check out this blog now.

Fake BAS Cricket Bat

How To Identify A Fake BAS Cricket Bat?

There are several ways through which you can check a fake BAS cricket bat. Identifying a fake bat can be challenging, as counterfeiters have become skilled at creating replicas that look very similar to the real bat. Check out some of the ways through which you can check whether the bat is real or not here:

Logo and Branding:

Identify and examine the BAS logo and branding on the cricket bat. Check it very carefully. Look at the font, size, color, or placement of the logo. The fake BAS cricket bat will be a poorly printed logo or it will be a slightly altered logo.

Quality Of Materials:

The authentic BAS cricket bats are fully made from high-quality materials like English willow. Check the wood very carefully for any type of signs of poor craftsmanship like knots, visible imperfections, and uneven grains.

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Serial Number:

A lot of authentic BAS cricket bats come with a serial number. Check whether there is a serial number on the bat or not. Verify the authenticity with BAS.

Weight And Balance:

The fake BAS cricket bat will not have good weight which will cause a disturbance and improper balance. So always compare the weight and balance of the bat.


If the price of the bat is looking too good to be true there are some chances that the bat is fake. Always check the real price, first check the price on the original website, and then move forward to it.


Looking at the packaging is very important because the original BAS cricket bat comes in good and high-quality packaging. But a fake bat comes in normal packaging.


Always look at the documentation. The original BAS bat comes with a warranty card or instruction manual. If there is no card or manual so do not buy it because it is simply an fake bat.

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