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How To Maintain Grip Of Badminton Shoes?

The people who play badminton know that the grip of badminton shoes gets slippery with regular use. When the shoes become slippery, most people discard those shoes and buy another pair. But it is not important to discard your expensive shoes every single time when you feel shoes are losing traction. There are some simple ways through which you can maintain the grip of your shoes. Investing in good quality shoes is very important in badminton, so it is important to take care of them. To know how read this entire blog.

Badminton Shoes

Badminton Shoes: How To Main Their Grip?

Start when you play badminton with the new pair of badminton shoes, so they do not leave any scuff marks. If you have purchased expensive shoes, so don’t think that they are not going to become slippery, you have to always take care of them and make sure that they don’t become slippery and leave any injury.

Why Badminton Shoes Became Slippery?

There are two reasons why badminton shoes became slippery:

Sole Cleaning:

Sole cleaning is one of the main reasons why badminton shoes lose grip and become slippery. Shoes grab a lot of first that get trapped in the grip. If you do not clean it the shoes become slippery. If you take care of them and clean them properly every day they are going to remain good.

To clean the shoes, you start using a Fmap cloth, then use warm soapy water to clean the shoes. When you clean the dirt, then remove the small stones which are trapped in the grip. Use a pointed object like a tweezer to remove all the stones.

Smooth Surface:

The another reason why your shoes lose grip. A smooth surface is one of the reasons the shoes get smoother than before. If you analyze the sole has become smoother and shiner than it was before. You can also take care of this problem by cleaning the sole and then sanding the shiny parts. Then use water to clean the sole and let it dry.

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How To Maintain The Grip of Badminton Shoes?

Always remember to clean your badminton shoes. Make sure that there is no stone trapped in the grip. The most important thing for better traction is a clean court. If there is less dirt in the court then the shoes will remain clean for a long time. You should always look at better quality shoes that are durable and comfortable. You can choose the brand from Victor and some more.

Also, do not wear the shoes anywhere else other than the badminton court. If you use them on harsh surfaces it will reduce their tackiness. Follow the cleaning routine regularly for great results. Have a moist towel with you at the time of the game. It will moisten the soles and it will also remove the dirt from shoes.

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