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ICC Decision To Have Names And Numbers On Test Cricket Jerseys

Some years back ICC gave the green light and decided to have names and numbers on Test Cricket Jerseys. This decision was officially taken in 2019. In a bid to make the players identifiable on the field. The sport’s governing body permitted Test-playing nations to have player names and numbers on the back of their shirts. A lot of people on social media thought that it was unnecessary and gave a lot of their opinion. Come let’s look up to this and have a deep look at this decision.

Test Cricket Jerseys

ICC Gave Green Light To Have Names and Numbers On Test Cricket Jerseys

The test cricketers now wear the numbers on the back of their shirts under the changes which are proposed for the ICC Test Championship which started with the Ashes in August 2019. The ODI cricket underwent some changes in the mid-90s when the colored kits were officially introduced and used across the board at the 1992 World Cup. Test cricket maintained its tradition of all the whites. Since that time test cricket tournaments have seen several changes.

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Similarly to this, in 2019, ICC took a decision and gave the green light to have names and numbers on the Test Cricket jerseys. The move is aimed at popularising the longest format of the game. It is most expected that the Indian team will not use the number 7 and number 10 jerseys which were previously worn by MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar.

After the decision, Virat Kohli has been seen wearing nu, ber 18 jerseys on his white flannels as the ICC has allowed Test-playing nations to have the players sport their names and numbers on their jerseys.

As per the source, the English county sites as well as the Australian state sides are playing the Sheffield Shield and are used to wearing whites with the names and numbers on the back but this will be an altogether new experience for the Indian cricket team. On this the the ICC GM Manager, Claire Furlong claimed that this will be starting from 1st August 2019 for the World Test Championship. It is a part of the wider plan to promote Test cricket.

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Opinion On ICC Decision To Have Names And Numbers on Test Cricket Jerseys

We have taken the opinions of a lot of people regarding the decision of ICC. Most of the people said this is an unnecessary decision. People can see the value in the shorter forms of the game as a part of the public fear of selling the game like a product. But test cricket only survives or falls despite trying to sell it. But on the other hand, some people claim that this is a good decision taken by ICC. It will be now easier to recognize any cricketer and people will not find any difficulties.

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