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“I will return”: Sergio Ramos breaks down during his farewell speech as he vows to return to Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos leaves Real Madrid after serving the club for sixteen years

Sergio Ramos has parted ways with Real Madrid after serving the club for sixteen long years. The club and the player could not negotiate a deal regarding his contract renewal and after a long period of speculation, the Los Blancos made it official through a statement that the defender will not play at Santiago Bernabeu this upcoming season.

Sergio Ramos, as they say, was the ‘face of Real Madrid’ for all these years and his sudden departure was heartbreaking for fans all over the fans. El Capitan’s (‘My captain’: Sergio Ramos’ nickname at Madrid) loyalty and passion for his club was exemplary.

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Having won 4 Champions Leagues and 5 La Ligas during his tenure at Santiago Bernabeu, it will be right to say that Sergio Ramos is one of the most decorated players ever in Real Madrid’s history.

In the farwell that the club gave to Sergio Ramos today, the defender broke down during his speech. WIth a shaky tone, he promised the fans, “I will come back,” before concluding his speech.

The farewell ceremony started with Real Madrid president Florentino Perez’s speech. He celebrated Sergio Ramos’ tenure at the club and said that he will be missed at the club.

Florentino Perez recons Sergio Ramos’ great achievements at Santiago Bernabeu

Florentino Perez and Sergio Ramos at the farewell ceremony

“This act is an act full of feelings and emotions for all Real Madrid players and also for me. It’s not an easy day, it’s been many years with Sergio, many games and a time full of intensity, affection and a lot of affection, I won’t forget September 8, 2005 when Sergio Ramos arrived at the Bernabéu to be presented. I had an immense desire to eat the world, it was my first signing of a Spanish player, a Camas boy with enormous strength, a signing that was not easy, but we were convinced that his arrival was going to mark an era.”

“Sixteen years have passed and you have traced one of the most spectacular trajectories in the history of our club. You arrived almost as a child and I am enormously proud of what you have conquered. You are one of the great legends of Real Madrid. Thank you for defending the shield and our shirt. For Real Madrid players who love this club you will always be the man of the Tenth, the 93rd minute of Lisbon is what this club means to millions of people,” said the president.

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Florentino Pérez is excited “In total, 22 titles that make you together with Marcelo the madridista with the most titles in history, only surpassed by Paco Gento. You have scored 101 goals, an impressive figure for a defender and you have played 671 games with our shield. You will forever be one of our great captains. Today all Real Madrid players and I especially thank you for having won the legend of the club and being more admired in the world.”

“Isn’t it an unfair day? It is because you have been someone really special to me and because you and I have lived and suffered together the history of Real Madrid. I wish you happiness and that you know that this will always be your home, a legend like you will always be one of the great ambassadors of Madrid,” he concluded.

It was followed by Sergio Ramos’ speech. His last speech as a Real Madrid player. An initial moment indeed for the Madridistas.

Sergio Ramos breaks down during his speech

Sergio Ramos breaks down during his speech

“The time has come, one of the most difficult of my life, the time has come to say goodbye to Real Madrid. I came from my father’s hand…”, that’s all Ramos could say before breaking into tears. “It is inevitable to get excited, I would have liked to say goodbye in our stadium, at the Santiago Bernabéu. Thanks to Real Madrid, I will always carry you in my heart.”

Sergio Ramos breaks down during his farewell speech

“A wonderful stage closes, unique in my life, a stage of illusion and future opens with a lot of desire to want to demonstrate my best level for many years and to be able to add to my record some more titles. Thank you very much to everyone, this more than a see you always is a see you later because I will come back.”

Thus ends the journey of the most successful captain in Real Madrid’s history. Did he deserve a better farewell? Well that is a debatable topic. But it is surely the end of an era at Santiago Bernabeu.

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