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Is There Any Cricket Stadium In Which Roof Can Be Covered?

Do you know about a closed-roof cricket stadium? It is a stadium which is covered with a roof which can save the pitch from rain. So is there any cricket stadium in which the roof can be covered? This might be a question of yours, if yes, so there is one stadium where the roof is available. To know read this entire blog till the end.

Cricket Stadium In Which Roof Can Be Covered

Cricket Stadium

The cricket stadium which has a roof is Docklands Stadium. It is the only stadium in the entire world with a rectangular roof. This stadium is also famous by the name Marvel Stadium. This stadium was officially established in 2000 in Melbourne, Australia. This stadium has given an allowance for the game to continue even in bad and rainy weather conditions. That is why this is known as Marvel Stadium but this stadium is also called Telstra Stadium.

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According to the reports, this stadium has a seating capacity of 53,000 while the playing area is 170, long and 140m wide with 38 m separating the roof from the ground. This stadium is also used in Australian rules, rugby, and football games. This stadium has a rectangular roof which turns it into a massive dome. The matches can be played here indoors during the rain.

This cricket stadium has mostly gained popularity in India after this edition of the Indian premier League finals was postponed to a reserve day because of heavy rains in Ahemdabad. Because of the heavy rains, a lot of people on the internet suggested that the government should make rectangle roods at major stadiums in India.

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