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What Are The Uncovered And Covered Pitches In Cricket?

A lot of cricket fans have asked a question which is what are the uncovered and covered pitches in cricket? A lot of people are confused about these two pitches. Some people claim that they are the same, but there is a wide difference between both of the pitches. To know about the different read this blog till the end.

Uncovered And Covered Pitches In Cricket

Uncovered And Covered Pitches In Cricket

The uncovered and covered pitches in cricket refer to the playing surface or the pitch where the game is played:

Uncovered Pitches:

The uncovered pitches are a playing surface that is not protected at all by any pitch cover. The cricket pitches were left uncovered in the past of cricket times. They were completely exposed to the elements like rain, sun, and dew. So when the pitch is left uncovered, it can be affected by the weather conditions, it changes the nature of the pitch over the entire course of the match. The uncovered pitches tend to be completely unpredictable and they might offer clear assistance to the bowlers mostly when it is damp or it is affected by rain.

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Covered Pitch:

A covered pitch refers to a playing surface that is protected by a pitch cover when not in use. These pitches are more seen in modern cricket time and mostly at the high levels of the game. The pitch covers are used to protect the pitch from rain, dew, and other elements that could alter the conditions of the playing surface. The porch-covered groundsmen can maintain more control over the pitch conditions and make sure a more consistent playing surface during the match.

Mostly the use of covered pitches has become prevalent in the world of cricket to just minimize the impact of weather on the pitch and to also ensure a fair contest between bat and ball. The uncovered pitches might still be used in leading to some additional challenged for the players as they clearly adapt to changing pitch conditions.

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