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What Are The Main Fielding Positions In Cricket?

A lot of people ask what is the main fielding positions in cricket. This is a very commonly asked question by the fans of this game. Fielding is one of the most important parts of this game. It is done to stop the bowl for sixes or fours and also to stop making runs. To know what is the main position in fielding, read this blog till the last.


What Is Fielding In Cricket?

Fielding in cricket is the action of fielders in collecting the ball after it is hit by a striker batsman. The fielder’s main work is to limit the number of runs that the striker scores or to get the batter out by catching the ball after the batsman hits it. Catching will consider the batsman out only if the ball has not been bounced on the ground.

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Main Fielding Position In Cricket

Fielding is the main and important part of cricket. Good fielding can stop the opposite team from making runs. A good fielding can stop six and fours. There is no such main position in this game. All the positions are important. The position of the player is decided by the captain of the team. The captain decides the positions of fielders by analyzing the batsman and field. All the positions are important in the fielding.

How Are The Fielding Positions In Cricket Determined?

It depended on the situation. It also depends on the early stage of the match. It also depends on the bowlers whether the bowler is a fast, medium pacer, leg spinner, off-spinner, left-arm bowler, or right-arm bowler. It also depends on the batsman whether the batsman is left-handed or right-handed.

It also depends on the style the of batsmen batting and their weaknesses and strengths. The bowler and the captain make all the decisions and place the positions of fielding. In the team of 11 players, 1 player will do bowling, 1 will do wicket keeping, and the rest 9 players will do fielding.

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