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What Was The First Cup Or Abdomen Guard Used In First Class Cricket?

Do you know, what the first cup or abdomen guard used in first-class cricket? No, so don’t worry we are here with all the information which you should know. As we all know the protective abdomen guard is very important. It is important to use them as it is for the safety of the cricketer. Now read this entire blog to learn everything.

First Cup Or Abdomen Guard

What Was The First Cup Or Abdomen Guard Used In First Class Cricket?

According to the source, the first official recorded instance of a cricketer using a protective abdomen guard in first-class cricket dates back to the late 18th century. This was introduced for the safety of cricketers. The player credited with introducing this piece of protective equipment was John Small, an English cricketer who played for Hampshire and Surrey.

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The John Small is said to have worn a small metal shield to protect his abdomen during batting. This brilliant and protective innovation was ahead of its time and also laid the foundation for the development of modern protective gear in cricket.

Unfortunately, the proper date of when John Small first used the first cup or abdomen guard is not documented officially now. It is mostly believed to have been since the latter part of the 18th century. It makes one of the earliest instances of protective gear which is being used in cricket.

Some people claim that the first cup or abdomen guard was introduced in 1874, but there is no confirmation behind it. But it is confined that the first cricket helmet was used in 1974. It took men around 100 years to understand that their heads are very important and they need safety.

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