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Who Designs The Jersey Of The Indian Cricket Team?

Do you know who designs the jerse of the Indian cricket team? Maybe not, most people do not who designs the jersey for the Indian team. So behind the design of the jersey, there is one man and one brand. To know about that person and the brand, read this blog till the end.

Indian Cricket Team

Who Designs The Jersey Of The Indian Cricket Team?

The face behind the design of the jersey of the Indian cricket team is Aaquib Wani. He is a self-taught designer from Delhi. He has officially etched his name into the annals of Indian sportswear design through culture-rich designs.

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He started his journey from a place of struggle at the time of his school days which led him to explore his passion. First, he started exploring music and then later transitioned into designing. He has worked with several brands such as Addidas for many projects. He is in love with art from a very early age. he was born and brought up in Delhi.

Which Brand Gives Jersey Material To the Indian Cricket Team?

Nike gave the material jersey to the Indian cricket team. Nike has partnered up with BCCI for costumes for a very long time. This collaboration has been working for more than a decade now.

Aaquib Wani has given a great design to the jersey and it is outstanding in the world of cricket right now. He took up art soon after to earn a living and he would draw in his diary from a very early age he also started naming artwork for bands. He was also a part of the Forbes India 30 under 30 cohort in 2021.

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