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Who Is The Real God Of Cricket In 2024?

A lot of people on social media ask who is the real god of cricket in 2024. Several people claim that the god is MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Surya Kumar Yadav, and more. People say this through their opinion of their favorite cricketer. So it is very important to learn that who is the real god of this game. Come let us learn this in this blog.

Real God Of Cricket In 2024

Real God Of Cricket In 2024

We have taken reviews from a lot of cricket fans. As per the reviews, there is only one god of cricket and that is “Sachin Tendulkar”. No one can replace him ever. He is celebrated with this title and he was given this title because of his success in his cricket career, his records, achievements, and cricket style are completely brilliant and no one can ever take his place.

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People have claimed that Sachin Tendulkar is the only person with the title of god of cricket suits else no cricketer suits on this title. But on the other hand, some fans of other cricketer claim that their favorite cricketer can achieve this title. So nobody can say it but it is very clear as per the opinion of the public that Tendulkar is the real owner of this title.

Mostly this title goes to a person who has made a large number of people follow the sport through his charisma and also because of his cricketing skills and Tendulkar has been able to attract people toward this sport more. During the time of his cricket career, he made millions of people fall in love with this sport.

Total Matches Played By Sachin Tendulkar

According to the reports, Sachin Tendulkar is the only player who has played a large number of matches in every single tournament. He has played the most matches in the ODI: 463, Most matches in Tests: 198, Most runs in Tests: 15837 runs, Most runs in the ODI: 18426 runs, Most Fours in the ODI: 2016 fours, Most Fours in the test: 2044 Fours, Most 150+ scores in ODI: 5, Most 150+ scores in the test: 20.

Most hundreds by a batsman in Test: 51 hundred, Most Hundreds by a batsman in ODI: 49 hundred, Most nineties in ODI:18, Most Ninetiens Test: 10, Most fifties by a batsman in Test: 67, Most fifties by a batsman in ODI: 96, Most Man of Match in ODI: 62, Most Man of series in ODI: 15, Most balls faced in ODI: 21367, Most ODI runs in a calendar year: 1,894 ODI runs in 1998.

Most centuries in a calendar year ODI centuries in 1998. Most runs scored by a batsman in ODI tournament finals: Tendulkar 1851, Most centuries hit by a batsman in ODI tournament Finals: Tendulkar (6 ton). Most Runs in the World Cup: 2278, Most Runs in the single World Cup: 673 Runs in 2003, World upmost Hundreds in the World Cup: 6, Most fifties in the World Cup: 15, the Most successful batsman in wins: (11157 runs in 234 matches), the Most successful batsman in chases: (5490 runs in 127 matches).

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