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Why Do Cricket Players Use Different Types Of Fielding Gloves?

Have you seen that different cricket players mostly wear different types of fielding gloves in different tournaments or leagues? Players use different types of fielding gloves because of many reasons. To know those reasons, read this blog till the end.


Why Do Cricket Players Use Different Types Of Fielding Gloves?

In different tournaments or leagues, several cricket players use different types of fielding gloves to enhance their performance and also to protect their hands while fielding.

Different types of gloves are designed for specific positions on the field and for different types of catches. Like wicket-keeping gloves have extra padding to protect the hands while catching and blocking balls.

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The gloves worn by the fielders in the slips have a thinner and more flexible design as it gives cricket players an allowance for greater control during catching high-speed balls.

Some of the gloves are made for specific weather conditions like wet or cold weather and it gives additional grip and warmth for the fielder.

Some players wear players wear gloves but some people do not wear them. Most of the batsmen do not wear gloves as gloves do not give them a proper grip. That is why they do not wear it. Bowlers do not wear gloves. They don’t have any need of gloves. Wicket Keeper always wear gloves and some fielders wear gloves and some don’t.

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