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Would Playing With The Tape Ball Or Tennis Ball Ruin Cricket Batting Technique?

Here we are going to look at a speculation that is very popular in the world of cricket. There is one speculation that playing with a tape ball or tennis ball will ruin your cricket batting technique. This is claimed by many people and a lot of players who are beginners are scared of it. They are also confused that is this true or not. Because a player starts playing with the tape or tennis ball and later they turn into a hard ball. To know the reality behind this rumor, read this blog till the end.


Would Playing With The Tape Ball Or Tennis Ball Ruin Cricket Batting Technique?

No, there is no bad impact of tape ball or tennis ball on cricket batting technique. It will not run your technique. The players are just beginners they need to play softball. They can’t directly play with a hard ball like a red or white leather ball. It can be harmful to them as they are not very aware of batting techniques.

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Positive Impact Of Playing With A Tape Or Tennis Ball

It helps in improving the hand-eye coordination. Playing with a tape ball or tennis ball can help in improving hand-eye coordination which is very important in cricket. These balls move very differently as compared to regular cricket balls, which helps in improving your reflexes and reaction time. It also develops shot selection. The different types of bounce and pace of the balls can help the player in developing a variety of shorts and the player can also learn how to adjust their technique based on the behavior of the ball.

The batsman can use a tape ball or tennis balls as a supplement in the beginning or during the practice. These balls can also be used during mimic match situations. They can try to simulate match situations while playing with these balls to perfectly make sure that you are working on your batting technique. You can also work on your specific skills with the help of these balls.

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