“All of us committed to it -” Virat Kohli reveals the reason Indian Team Succeeded in Australia

The games between India and Australia are always heavily contested. The recent rivalry of both the teams is one of the fiercest rivalries in the International circuit. The test games rivalry started back in 2001 when India defeated Australia in a home series. The fierce contest continued when India visited Australia in 2004 for a heavily remembered series. The current Indian skipper, Virat Kohli made his debut as a captain in one such game.

India visited Australia in 2014 for a series where the Australian team was in full strength whereas the Indian side was finding new torch bearers after the retirement of a lot of top players in the side. The Adelaide test in 2014 is a test that will be remembered by Indian fans for a long time. The game marked the beginning of Virat Kohli’s career as a captain. MS Dhoni was out injured and the right-hander led the national team against Australia in a losing effort. Though India lost the game, it was a valiant effort by India and is often considered as the start of the current era in Indian cricket.

“Anything is Possible if we put our mind to it-“Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli recently posted a picture on twitter memorizing the tournament. The Indian skipper termed the game as a ‘very special and important test.’

The Indian skipper posted two pictures on twitter where he talked about the test. He posted

“Throwback to this very special and important Test in our journey as the test team that we are today. Adelaide 2014 was a game filled with emotion on both sides and an amazing one for people to watch too. Although we didn’t cross the line being so close, it taught us that…”

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Kohli followed up with a second tweet which read “…anything is possible if we put our mind to it because we committed to doing something which seemed very difficult, to begin with, but almost pulled it off. All of us committed to it. This will always remain a very important milestone in our journey as a test side,”

Virat Kohli outperformed himself in the game. India lost the first test match though Virat Kohli managed to score a century in both the innings. His 115 and 141 in two innings started something memorable for India after the match.

India lost the series 2-0. However, the side defeated Australia in their next tour held in 2018 with a margin of 2-1.

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