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Which Is The Best Cricket Tennis Ball?

If you are planning to buy the best cricket tennis ball? If yes, so before buying a ball you have to check which is the best ball. There are many company balls on the market, each ball has a different type of material and there are several more differences. But here are two best balls that you should check out. To know about those two balls read out this blog now.

There are two best cricket tennis balls which you can buy and enjoy by playing with them:

Best Cricket Tennis Ball

Best Cricket Tennis Ball

Vicky Green Colour Ball:

The Vikcy green color cricket ball is the best cricket tennis ball. It is because it is heavy so it makes fast bowling and it does not bounce such as any other type of ball. If you are playing on a cemented pitch then the Red color of Vicky’s cricket ball is great, not green. Do not play with the red color ball in the grass because it will take a high bounce.

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ZAP Cricket Tennis Ball:

There are two variants of Zap cricket tennis ball:

Best Cricket Tennis Ball

ZAP SuperTuff Cricket Ball:

ZAP SuperTuff cricket ball is another best cricket tennis balls. It is specially made for intense outdoor play. This heavy-weight composite ball has an inner core that is very solid. It optimizes a great speed. It also has all-weather technology, premium outer mesh, and all-weather performance for increased durability and ideal shape retention which leads to a longer lifespan.

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ZAP Flexi Cricket Tennis Ball:

The ZAP Flexi cricket tennis ball ae made to be played in an indoor setting or on turf. It is a lightweight ball that has a solid inner core, all-weather technology, and perfect shape retention.

Tennis cricket is a beloved sport in India. It is played by countless players on the grounds and turfs. Every single match needs good quality balls that can easily maintain amazing bounce and do not wear out or change shape with continuous six-hitting.

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